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\\  BEAU HAUGH:  \\

     CURRENTLY:  software engineering leadership/social impact/diverse technology teams1
                 tiki beverage R&D
                 enthusiastic coffee-quaffing San Franciscan

                 1currently searching for this role, hit me up

    PREVIOUSLY:  engineering management at Hillary for America 
                 product engineering at Airbnb
                 co-founder, Localmind, a universal omniscience mobile app startup (acq. Airbnb 2012)
                 enthusiastic burrito-eating San Diegan

     EMAILABLE:  ounhtu@ounhtu.pbz
   TWITTERABLE:  bhaugh
      SOCIABLE:  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
      DOGEABLE:  DTkXByQFXfTvDmi4gupiiWg3PqUcYLKybj

      EMAIL IF:  you or someone you know needs help organizing for progressive change in America
                 you have unassailable passion for startups/rabbits/cocktails/making cool stuff
                 you have sweet pictures of rabbits
                 no, really, send rabbit pictures

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